"The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word." 
- Mata Hari


Huge thanks to Andrew Chien Photography for inviting me out to be a second shooter! We took pictures of his friend Nicholas in this gorgeous dance studio. I've always wanted to have a photoshoot with a dancer and am glad I finally got the opportunity to do so! The style for this shoot is a lot different than my typical look - it's more desaturated and moody, and I am delighted I got to try something new instead of what I usually do. I love how these shots were not at all posed, but instead Nicholas danced freely and I was merely there to capture the lines, shapes, and fluidity of movement that were created. It's times like these that remind me why I love photography so much. Hope you enjoy this set. 


Over winter break, I went on a week-long medical brigade to Nicaragua where I had the opportunity to serve several communities by shadowing doctors and various other medical practitioners, and even had the exciting task of interacting directly with the patients myself.

Let me first start off by saying just how beautiful this country is! Nicaragua is incredibly gorgeous, with mountains lush with greenery for miles and miles around. I definitely think that mountains are my favorite type of scenery - they are majestic and tower over everything below, and not to mention the amazing views you get up top. I often found myself gazing nonstop through the bus window for the hour and a half drive we took everyday to get to the community up in the mountains. 

Besides the pretty landscape, I am beyond grateful this trip gave me a chance to interact with the local people there - by talking, laughing, and providing care for them. Although this brigade allowed me to serve the people there with my passion in medicine, I did not realize before that I would receive so much more from them in return. Everyone there was welcoming and warm, full of humility although they had little material things. 

Being in such an amazing place with amazing people, I of course had to have my camera with me to capture my memories there - or else I am sure that I would forever regret it. However, I did not take too many pictures with my DSLR, as I realized it was difficult to carry around all day while I was working in the clinic. So most of the times, I had to get out the iPhone instead - which honestly still has a decent camera. There were also some situations where it would not be respectful for me to click away with pictures and I wanted to be conscious of other people's desire for privacy. However, the Nicaraguan people - especially the kids - adored pictures. They grabbed my camera to play with, and kept asking me to take more and more pictures of them ("uno mas!"). Then eagerly, they would peer over my shoulder to look at the photos I took of them.

Here's a compilation of some of the DSLR pictures I took over my stay. 

Part 1: The Clinical Portion of the Brigade

A glimpse of the community:

The locals line up for medical care:

The Nicaraguan children:

The view from the top of the mountain:

Part 2: The Public Health Portion of the Brigade

For our public health portion of the brigade, we built concrete floors, bathrooms, showers, and septic tanks from scratch! It was tiring labor but the end result was worth every sweat.

The construction and family we served:

On our last day we went to explore a beautiful waterfall that had a cave behind it!

White Waterfall:

I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos I captured and reading my first official blog post. I am definitely looking forward to blogging more! Thanks for reading ♡

Until next time,